Welcome to the official website of T.M. Wrath. Here you will find everything related to myself and the work I do. You can find my portfolio, My Shop and info news in regards of my wallpaper designs: The Collection: Vol 1., Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 and much, much,more. You can Contact Me for commission work or any other means. Thank you for your time I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Latest News

While going through this revival of The Collection the store is going to be going through some changes. While these changes are happening the store will be disabled for the time being.

Here is a feature update for The Collection pages for the volumes. When in a volume the menu on mobile devices will show a extra section where you can then click and select to jump to a specific category within that volume.

I’ll be adding alot of my community wallpapers to the website here in the next few days. These designs will be separated from the main collection designs.

So with me going back and readjusting things one of the things I’ve decided to do is merge the 18nine categories into the Alt category the change will take affect for Volume 3 and forward. This will make things more easier down the road and most new phones now are in the 18:9 ratio.

So with the Revival of The Collection I been looking at my old designs. Sadly a good bit of them are not up to my standard that’s been refined over these years so as of right now only the ones that have gone through my second approval will be posted.

Well it’s been awhile and I made the decision. The Collection designs will be available for free here on my site with only a few things to change.


All designs will be limited to 720p

The community category will be left out.


Right now Volume 1 is available with Volume 2 coming later. You can find them in the menu under wallpapers. Now the navigation and page will change to better fit my style so the link may change in the near future. I have a few more changes to make so please stay tuned.