New Business Cards!!

So I got the business cards in based on the options y’all helped me pick out and I think I like em. Simple for now gives basic info and the designs for the front and the back look amazing oh and the nice hint of silver that runs the edge of the cards is a nice little addition that gives it professional finish. What do y’all think?


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  • My name is Tyler, aka T.M. Wrath. I am the creator of The Collection. I have always been A creative person and an artist in my own sense. I can still remember being able to get on Microsoft paint when I was about five years old. All through my school years I was drawing. Now I am creating wallpapers, tattoos among other products. I also do edits for people, and can create by request. I have alway had a deep love for the arts. I created The Collection back in 2017. You could say it was around 2011 when everything actually started to grow into this project. I was fresh out of high school, and I wanted to do something as a hobby. The game Skyrim came out around this time, and I enjoyed the creativity in it. This game led me to become interested in modding Skyrim, and I began learning how to do that as well as 3d modeling. 

    I joined a modding group that eventually became a small indie game studio. Sadly, that path didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to. I am still friends with one of them, and you can find his site here. He also has shirts with awesome designs that  you can find here. In 2017, after a few years of creating wallpapers through illustrations and photography for myself, I posted them on social media sites. I caught the attention of people in the community as well as family and friends.  They encouraged me to do more with my talent which inspired me to produce The Collection project. This project was originally going to be under a different name titled Wrath’s Walls, but that one doesn’t have quite the ring to it. The collection has grown in the past few months since It officially started. Now with two volumes for my mobile app, shirts, and home decor in the queue. The expansion has a long way to go before it reaches an end. I hope to expand my creativity into a prosperous business in the future by sharing art with the world. You can contact me at

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  • The photos here are in low quality if you want the full resolution of these photos please check out my apps here. there you can get full resolution images and without the signature.

    Personal Work

    Hired Work

    Villians Cupcake invitation

    This Drawing was made by one of my friend as an idea for a birthday card invitation for someone in her family i took this sketch and gave it a little T.M. Wrath pick me up. I think it turned out pretty well

  • The photos here are in low quality if you want the full resolution of these photos please check out my apps here. there you can get full resolution images and without the signature.

    Personal Work

    Hired Work

  • Through out this project (and before) I have created different logos and designs for myself and others. Most of my designs are combinations of things that have multiple meanings and can be viewed differently be it visual wise or meaning wise.

    The Beast

    The Beast was one of the very first designs that really kicked off the T.M. Wrath project. I was sitting in my living room one day and was messing about on laptop using Paint. One thing lead to the next and all of the sudden i was making something that would be the corner stone to my hobby.

    Wrath's Cross

    The Cross was designed as a tattoo for myself there isn't really a story behind it I was just sitting at work and threw it together and thought it looked bad-ass.

    Wrath's Signature

    The Signature for T.M. Wrath was designed to bring more of a professional look to this project. it combines not only the name but also just for kicks says Im Wrath (improperly). I thought that would be a nice little touch. 

    The Collection Logo

    The logo designed for The Collection was made during the early days for my app which was originally was going to be called Wrath's Walls but of course it didn't sound right (and not to mention sounds like I'm talking about well... just say it and you'll understand why) I wanted something simple and luxurious for the name but still have a feeling of Gothic styling. I used a font I found on the website Dafont called Typography Times Regular and just messed around till I found a nice style which has been used ever since.

    Ambigram Name (Tyler)

    During high school I was interested in ambigrams because of the book/movie Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. The originally designed was made to see if I could make one that I could do freehand and now with new edits I thought it would be cool that maybe to add it as a design for a future tattoo.

    Anytime Visualizer (In-app Icon)

    This icon was made for the app Anytime Visualizer by MrJino which you can find Here.
  • Here are designs I have made for myself or friends strictly as tattoos. Please note that the picture posted of the finish tattoo may not 100% match the design based on who did the tattoo or the person getting the tattoo personal edits.

    Heart-A-Gram Key

    This design was made for a friend. It uses both logos for the band HIM

    "I love it! That cancer creativity we have made a bomb tattoo. And it means so much more than the band and Ville, I have always, always loved skeleton keys and making it so awesome and unique has me so happy. And not to mention he was the one to introduce me to the band."
    L. K. (Design Recipient)

    The Beast (T.M. Wrath Logo)

    This design was made for myself you can see more info on this page here.

    In Remembrance

    This design was made for a friend. In remebrance of his father.

  • New Walls!!! 12-8-2018

    New walls now available!! 18Nine: Aurora Calm 1 Aurora Calm 2 Aurora Stormy Dark Space chaotic Modern Art 5 Panther Psychedelic Organism Strips Wooden Hex

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  • Shop Update!! 12-2-2018

    The local website shop is now open to the entire US!! EU will be soon along with this expansion i have updated the product catalog

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    The Shop is now open!!

    The local shop on T.M. Wrath is now open. Currently the local shop is for North Carolina till further notice but I have another store

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    New Product Tester in!!!

    Poster Test came in. Not disappointed. The pictures does no justice to this. #TMWrath #TheCollection #E373 coming soon! Poster is pretty decent size and the

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    Update Oct 13 2018

    I took down the Teespring store because I feel like it will be unfair to provided y’all the same products but at different quality and

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    The final touches are coming to a close on the new store and I’m hoping to get everything up before holiday season kicks in.

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  • Website Clean Up

    Changed a few things around the website and just wanted to make a small news announcement just in case. I fixed the footer and condensed

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    Server update!

    Changing a few things on my servers for my website and wallpaper storage. So website and apps might be down for awhile.

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    Business Cards Design

    Ever since I started this project I always wanted to involve the people around me and gain their opinions to keep a close connection. Here

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    Please Watch!

    I suffer from depression and wanted to just share this out.  Please if you ever feel low and you are at that point talk to

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