Nick Black is a Charlotte, North Carolina based Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Videographer with a comedic approach to Hip Hop as well as a more serious style geared towards positivity and personal growth, with intentions of expanding the minds of the people that surround him. Nick has performed with NC artist OG Spliff and Speak N’ Eye; and is currently in collaboration with local artists. His stage presence and storytelling abilities signify his spot within the music scene. Core influences consist of HipHop group A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, Tech N9ne, and The Lonely Island. Nick uses music as a form to express himself, speaking the realness of his complex mind. His mission is to find himself through music and comedy. Nick is currently in the works of releasing the Comedic single titled “CHEESE”, a song about the acquisition of more money, from the EP “Dinner With The Crew”.


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Disclaimer : Nick Black and T.M. Wrath shall should and always be judge as a separate entities.  As Nick Black’s Beliefs and actions are not a representation of T.M. Wrath. As such T.M. Wrath’s beliefs and actions do no represent Nick Black’s.